Insurance Planning

Insurance is a very important instrument when it comes to financial planning. It can mitigate financial loss and provide a means of continued living in the case of undesired events such as disability, illness, or premature death. In essence, insurance helps you to protect your progress towards your financial goals.

However, buying the wrong policy or over-spending on insurance actually damages your financial status. So we have to be very careful and selective in our insurance choices.

This difficulty is not helped by the fact that the insurance market is saturated with many confusing schemes by many different companies.

The sales agents are another issue, as insurance agents commonly hard-push for sales according to their sales incentives. The career of an insurance agent is also often advertised as a ‘side income’ job, and it comes with a minimal barrier to entry (you only need 5 passes in your SPM to get the insurance sales license).

These are not factors that benefit you, the client.

Next, what about the insurance plan specifically? Have you ever wondered why a certain insurance plan was proposed to you, and why it is at that specific premium amount? Do you know if you are paying for redundant benefits?

When it comes to my clients, I make sure to prescribe insurance plans that not only provide the exact amount and type of coverage that fits them but also at a price and cost that suits them. I will make sure that the main focus when planning for you is your investment ability and progress towards your financial goals.

In fact, when it comes to certain types of insurances, I source plans that do not need to be upgraded. After all, unnecessary upgrading and paying more for insurance only reduces your ability to invest.

If you only want some help in specific areas of your finances, then please see Comprehensive Financial Planning or Investment Planning. Otherwise, go ahead and Contact Me!


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