Investment Planning

I’m a firm believer that all my clients must understand the investments that they make. You will need to know why you’re investing in something, how it fits in your portfolio, and at least also have a basic understanding of how the investment works.

So, depending on how ‘hands-on’ you want to be with your portfolio, I will endeavor to teach you the methods and systems with which I make investment decisions.

The next thing we’ll do is to evaluate your short, medium, and long-term liquidity needs (cash-flow). I then factor in your appetite for risk. This is important so that you will be able to make level-headed objective decisions as often as possible.

I will work with you to build an investment portfolio that caters specifically to your current and future objectives. I will also advise on asset-allocation strategies, even including investments that I do not directly provide (e.g. property, stocks, commodities).

Once that is done, I will source high-quality investments options for you. These can range from low-risk bond investments to managed funds – which include both starter-level local funds and high-end global investments.

Naturally, I’ll conduct reviews every so often to ensure that you’re always making progress towards your investment objectives.

If you only want some help in specific areas of your finances, then please see Comprehensive Financial Planning or Insurance Planning. Otherwise, go ahead and Contact Me!


Ian makes a point to check-in with me often, keeping me up to date and ensuring that I continue to follow our agreed game plan. He’s like a personal trainer for my finances. read more

Ashley Tan, 27, Entrepreneur and Co-President of Lean In Malaysia

I’m very happy that I now have a trusted, qualified, person for me to contact at any time regarding my financial matters. read more

Lily Zahara, 28, Executive

Ian’s approach is different – he ensured that I understood the financial concepts first, before looking for the best products to fit me. read more

Munirah Sabri, 34, Accounts Manager

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